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Dual Optical HD Monocular Phone Camera Lens


  • monocular telescope high magnification 40 × 60 bifocal HD waterproof light weight compass with tripod concert / travel / live / outdoor / observation
  • Product specifications:
  • Size: 150 x 52 mm Color: Black
  • Weight: Approx 500 g


  • It is made of high quality optical material, the field of view is bright and the object looks clear.
  • [Multi-function] Because life waterproofing is outstanding, it can be used without problems even in sudden rain, rough environment.
  • There is also a compass, there is no fear of getting lost. [Accessories] Since a tripod is included, it can be fixed easily. With a special case, it is also lightweight and easy to carry. [Conforming range]
  • It is a great success in concert, live, outdoor, watching sports, night view, traveling, hill climbing, hunting, fishing, observing insects and so on.

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